Antifoam (also known as defoamer) is applied in very wide fields:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Water treatment
  • Detergent industry
  • Paint and Coating industry
  • Oilfield industry
  • and other industries
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Industries Processes Main products
Water treatment Sea water desalination LS-312
Boiler water cooling LS-64A, LS-50
Pulp & paper making Black liquor Waste paper pulp LS-64
Wood/ Straw/ Reed pulp L61C, L-21A, L-36A, L21B, L31B
Paper machine All types of paper (including paperboard) LS-61A-3, LK-61N, LS-61A
All types of paper (not including paperboard) LS-64N, LS-64D, LA64R
Food Beer bottle cleaning L-31A, L-31B, LS-910A
Sugar beet LS-50
Bread yeast LS-50
Sugar cane L-216
Agro chemicals Canning LSX-C64, LS-910A
Fertilizer LS41A, LS41W
Detergent Fabric softener LA9186, LX-962, LX-965
Laundry powder (slurry) LA671
Laundry powder (finished products) LS30XFG7
Dishwasher tablets LG31XL
Laundry liquid LA9186, LX-962, LX-965

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