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Melamine Cyanurate (MCA)

Technical Specification

AppearanceWhite crystal powder
Content (%)99.5 MIN
Moisture (%)0.2 MAX
pH (10 g/L)6.0 - 7.0
Whiteness (F457)95 MIN
Melamine (%)0.001 MAX
Cyanuric Acid (%)0.2 MAX
D503 μm MAX
3.5 - 4 μm
Size can be adjust as per clients' need.
Packing:600 kg big bags , 2 bags per pallet
20kg plastic bag with pallet

Sulfamic acid

Technical Specification

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Content (%)99.5 MIN
Sulfate (%)0.05 MAX
Moisture (%)0.2 MAX
Fe (%)0.005 MAX
Water insoluble matter (%)0.01 MAX
Packing: 25kg plastic bag

Anhydrous Calcium Chloride (as drying agent)

Technical Specification

AppearanceWhite powder, granules or tablets
Content (CaCl2, %)94.0 MIN
Alkali Metal Chloride (as NaCl, %)5.0 MAX
MgCl2 (%)0.5 MAX
Basicity (as Ca(OH)2, %)0.25 MAX
Water insoluble matter (%)0.25 MAX
Sulfate (as CaSO4, %)0.006 MAX
Fe (%)0.05 MAX
pH7.5 - 11.0
Packing: 25kg plastic bag
CaCl2 granule
CaCl2 powder
CaCl2 tablet

Sodium Fluorosilicate

  • As opacifying agent for vitreous enamels and opalescent glass
  • As coagulant for latex
  • As a preservative agent of wood
  • As a flux in melting of light metals
  • As an acidifying agent in the textile industry
  • Also applied in zirconia pigments, frits, ceramic enamels and pharmaceutical industries

Technical Specification

Sodium fluorosilicate (%)99.0 MIN
Fluorine (as F, %)59.7 MIN
Water insoluble matter0.50 MAX
Loss of weight (105℃)0.30 MAX
Free acid (as HCl, %)0.10 MAX
Chloride (as Cl-, %)0.10 MAX
Sulphate (as SO42-, %)0.25 MAX
Iron (as Fe, %)0.02 MAX
Heavy metal (as Pb, %)0.01 MAX
Particale Size Distribution:
Passing through 420 micron (40 mesh) sieve98 MIN
Passing through 250 micron (60 mesh) sieve90 MIN
Passing through 150 micron (100 mesh) sieve90 MIN
Passing through 74 micron (200 mesh) sieve50 MIN
Passing through 44 micron (325 mesh) sieve25 MAX
Packing25 kg plastics bag