Flocculants for Wastewater

In general, cationic polyacrylamide is suitable for organic slug, while anionic polyacrylamide is suitable for inoragnic slug; cationic polyacrylamide cannot be used in water with a high pH, while anionic polyacrylamide cannot be used in water with a low pH.

To choose the best flocculants for certain wastewater, it is important to know these information -- the source, the property and the ingredients of wastewater.

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Spas have higher water temperature (36-40℃) than swimming pools (25-30℃). If you use chlorine as disinfectants, chlorine odor will be a problem and higher temperature will cause fast lose of chlorine.

To improve user experience and reduce the cost of maintenance, we developed a new infectant Spacare for spas. No irritation, no odor, not be reduced by high water temperature. Enjoy the silky water!

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Turbidity and Health

We use chlorine or bromine to kill bacteria in pools. But bacteria are not all. There are some other microbes, like G. lamblia and C. parvum, causing diarrhoea and other diseases. In a swimming pool with 4 ppm of free chlorine, 99.9% of G. lamblia will be inactivated after 14 minutes, while C. parvum will only be inactivated after 2 days.

How to remove these annoying microbes? The answer is very simple: keep the water clear and clean.

Use high performance clarifier (try our Blue Clear Clarifier) with a good filter to reach the aid and keep good health of swimmers.

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